ZOTAC’s overclocking utility known as FireStorm does not have built-in OC/Gaming and Silent profiles like Afterburner or GPU Tweak. To overcome NVIDIA restrictions disallowing board partners from providing provide factory-overclocking out of the box, such profiles are the only logical solution.

While FireStorm does not have such built-in profiles, it does support the creation of custom profiles by the user. ZOTAC figured that it would be easy if they just provided those profiles so customers can apply them manually.

This is not a one-click option, but it still does the job. Those profiles are ZOTAC’s factory-tested overclocking, basically what their cards normally ship with. This time however, factory frequency changes are not allowed by NVIDIA.

The point is, NVIDIA has made a very stupid decision with the frequency-restriction for board partners. They are still shipping the same pre-binned chips, but overclocking has to be done manually.

You can download FireStorm for ZOTAC’s 1070 Ti cards here:

  • HERE (Only for 1070 Ti AMP! EXTREME) or
  • HERE (Only for 1070 Ti AMP! Edition) or
  • HERE (for other ZOTAC graphics cards)

An example profile containing overclocking settings for 1070 Ti AMP! Extreme unlocks 140% power limit (252W) and +150 MHz overclocking raising the boost clock to 1833 MHz.