I said this before, comparing single entries from AotS database is meaningless, because Metaverse website does not show any information about the clock speeds or the drivers. We only have the settings.

You can still browse the database to see where this puts GTX 1070 Ti performance wise. Some GTX 1080 go up to 8200 points, while most of them stay at 7000-ish points. You can also find many results of GTX 1070 and even 1080 in the same score region. So yes, it doesn’t really tell us much, apart from the fact that GTX 1070 Ti is coming and first results are starting to surface.

In case you missed earlier reports, the GTX 1070 Ti is launching late October (26th to be precise) with availability expected a week later. We are still in the process of confirming the rumors if custom cards will launch with non-reference clock speeds, and if not, what was the reason behind such decision.