How much are you willing to pay for a premium high-end GPU? Well, if you have £950 to spare, KFA2 may just have a card for you. The Hall of Fame series will soon be updated with a full custom design with three 8-pin power connectors, LCD display, triple-fan and triple-slot cooler and the highest clocks from any model so far — base: 1645 MHz, boost: 1759 MHz, memory: 1425 MHz — so equal GPU clock, but 400 MHz faster memory than ZOTAC AMP! Extreme.

According to OCUK, due to low yields of such cherry picked graphics card, only 5 to 10 units are expected to be sold each month. This model is currently available for pre-order with expected shipping date of May 26th.

If £950 are too much for you, then you have the option of “8 Pack Approved” Edition which has slightly lower clocks. Apart from that, both models are exactly the same.