Can’t sleep? Have been staring at your monitor all evening? Hey it is scientifically proven these days, blue light will keep you awake or at least disturb your sleeping cycle. Windows 10 will get a feature that will filter the amount of blue light that is emitted by displays.

Basically the update prevents the disruption of sleep patterns of users when using the computer at night, because blue light can trick the brain into thinking it’s still in the daytime.

The recently ‘leaked’ Windows 10 build 14997 seems to offer this new function. It is thus expected that this function will be present in the upcoming Windows 10 Insider build (should appear in early 2017).

In the settings menu, the heading ‘Blue light settings’ is added in which the color temperature can be adjusted using a slider. Also, it is possible to automatically reduce the blue light at a particular time, or in order to synchronize this on the basis of the sunset. The leaked version shows entry called ‘Blue light settings’ that makes it possible to adapt the color temperature through a slider. It also makes it possible to reduce the amount of blue light automatically at a set time or to synchronize this with sunset.