Nvidia has been keeping quiet when it comes to the GTX 1080Ti, though that hasn’t stopped information from leaking out over the last few months. Today, we got our best confirmation yet that the card is coming soon, as a job opening openly lists the GTX 1080Ti, alongside a ‘Step Up’ offer in the works for GTX 980Ti owners.

According to the LinkedIn listing (now removed but detailed by PCWorld), Nvidia is now looking for a new Senior Marketing Manager, who will need to help plan future promotions, including a “first spot in line” offer for GTX 980Ti owners once pre-orders for the GTX 1080Ti go live. Nvidia is also planning something called Club GeForce.

For starters, those who regularly use the GeForce Experience will get periodic rewards. This will include things like an annual free indie game, alongside in-game bonus content for certain Triple A titles every few months. However, Club GeForce will kick things up a notch, it will eventually be a paid subscription service and will offer up a bundle of games. It will also include a GeForce Cloud Gaming subscription, similarly to GeForce Now but for PC, rather than Shield devices.